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Heading North toward Muros, after a very picturesque drive North of Cambados from Vilagarcia de Arousa along the coast, we arrived in the small fishing port of Porto do Son. Well, we were sure we had reached heaven! When we chose to book accommodation here, we just picked a spot on the map not really knowing what to expect. Our apartment overlooks the marina with extended vistas down the mountainous rias de Muros and Noia and 5km across to the opposite side. We decided we really didn’t need to venture far from this piece of paradise. Um…..did I mention the surf beaches? John’s eyes lit up on our first drive around the immediate area and this is what we found…………

River Ria Muros & Noia Porto do Son photo landscape art travel
Ria de Muros et Noia
surf at Xuno beach praia Galicia Porto do Son Atlantic ocean photo seascapes art travel
Surf beach at Xuno

We were both very excited to see the surf (3 to 4 foot, not too big for me) and there were other surfers out riding them very well. I was keen to go in and John suggested putting my feet in to feel the water. I immediately rolled up my pants and ran into the water………..you have got to be kidding, my feet are still blue 2 days later. Can you surf in Ugg boots?

Porto do Son is a genuine working fishing port, with no leisure craft to be seen. It is a very small port compared with those of the Rias Baixas, which has made it more inviting as a visitor to wander around the marina and have a close look at all their brightly coloured fishing boats, nets and crab pots. As we move to different regions of Galicia, we enjoy new experiences which allow different insights of the Galician culture, giving me much inspiration for my art. Here are some inspirational photos:

Marina Porto do Son Galicia fishing boat photo sunrise seascape art travel
Sunrise over the Marina
fishing boats Porto do Son marina Galicia colourful photo art travel
Colourful boats
stack crab pots marina Porto do son nasa de cangrejos Galicia atlantic photo art travel
Small crab pot stack
fishing nets red pesca Porto do Son Muros Galicia marina photo art travel
Fishing nets

Through the eyes of a visitor, fishing and the preserving of seafood, seems to be the main industry in the coastal regions of Galicia. Of course, we have had to sample every type of seafood…..John is growing extra arms every day, he has eaten so much pulpo (octopus).



All through the region, you cannot help noticing the Maio (May) flowers which are the most intensely vibrant yellow. While walking around town, we have been surprised to see bunches tucked under handles of front doors and between the front bumpers of cars…..such a lovely thought. I then decided to do a series of small wildflower paintings, including one installation on someone’s front door. So then commenced our quest through the entire town of Porto do Son, for that perfect rustic timber door. Lucky John is a very patient man!

Mayo flowers flor Galicia wildflowers Porto do Son May photo art travel Leonie Walton
Selecting the May flowers

We have had many spectacular coastal walks from Porto do Son. There seems to be endless magnifico white sandy beaches with dramatic rocky headlands winding around charming villages. Oooh, I am so sick of it! Ha ha ha

Here are some more views from our walks. Some of the scenes of flowers creeping up rocky walls remind me of Gustav Klimt’s absolutely delicious landscape paintings.

coastal walk ria de muros Noia Porto do Son camino atlantic seascapes photo art travel
Coastal walk along the Ria de Muros
Headland Fonforron Muros ria atlantic Porto do son Galicia seascapes photo art travel
Punta Fonforron opposite Muros
pink wildflowers flora Galicia Porto do son spring photo art travel
The hills are alive
swimming lagoon fishing Muros ria Porto do Son Galicia photo landscape art travel
Local fishing spot opposite Muros


BAR Moreira del Ria

Last night, we had some surprise visitors from the Sunshine Coast in Australia. John’s cousin (Craig) and his wife (Anne) drove 800 km from San Sebastian to see what we were up to in Porto do Son. Being too wet for walking, we decided to introduce them to our local friends in the Bar Moreira del Ria opposite the marina, where one beer turned into two. The warm and bubbly owner Delores and her patrons, have made us feel very welcome. Through dramatic sign language and very slow speaking, we have managed to converse…….we find our Espanol improves after the second beer! Previously one lazy sunny afternoon, we met a friendly retired fisherman who insisted in attempting conversation with us at the bar. We were hopeless in understanding him, however he persisted. After much laughing, he spoilt us with a beautiful rendition of a well known Mexican song “volver volver”. It was a very special moment. John being a pianist, I suggested they hold a concert and Delores can collect the money at the door. Hearing the song, reminded us of the movie “Lucky” which we saw on the flight over, starring Harry Dean Stanton. If you ever have the opportunity, this movie is a gem and a magnificent performance by Stanton. I hope we meet our fisherman friend again; he was quite a character and I would love to paint a portrait.

We had lots of fun and laughs with Craig, Anne and Delores and sadly said goodbye to Craig and Anne this morning as they headed back the 600km to Bilbao.

Bar Moreira del Ria
happy patrons

John topped off the family visit by presenting them with his version of the Spanish Omelette for breakfast before their long journey.

best Spanish Omelette tortilla patata Galicia Spain photo art food travel
Tortilla de patatas