ART EXHIBITION: Santiago de Compostela

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My solo art exhibition for Santiago de Compostela is finally ready. After five months of painting in Galicia, Spain, I have completed a collection of paintings which I feel are a celebration of the unique culture of the region. The works will be exhibited in the Gallery of Hotel Araguaney in Santiago de Compostela……..the home of the Camino. My paintings will be exhibited between September 4 (opening 20:00) until September 22nd, opening hours and address are on the invitation below. If you are a local Galician, I am looking forward to meeting you and discussing what elements of your culture are important for you. If you are a visitor to the area, like myself, I hope you can enjoy learning about the culture and landscape of Galicia, which I love so much.

I will be available for the opening on September 4 and all the opening hours of the gallery, if you would like to discuss my paintings of the wonderful region of Galicia.


Art Exhibition invitation Santiago de Compostela galician paintings oleo pinturas australiana
Art Exhibition invitation Santiago de Compostela


The city of Santiago de Compostela is a beautiful city with many historic buildings and museums to visit. Because the older centre of town is a confusing network of narrow and busy streets, it has taken me many visits to find some interesting art galleries for inspiration.

Next post, I will give you a list of great galleries and places to visit, even if you are only here for 2 or 3 days. I will also discuss some remarkable Galician artists of the past and current time.


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  1. Best wishes for a successful exhibition in Santiago de Compostela. Regards, Craig and Anne

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