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After a busy six months travelling and painting throughout the region of Galicia, I am finally ready for the opening of my exhibition celebrating the Galician culture, people and landscape, in the city of Santiago de Compostela. A collection of 19 paintings depicting the stunning scenery, agriculture, food, wine and simple lifestyle of Galician people are on display until September 22, 2018.

Below is a copy of my Artist Statement in Galego, Espanol and English. Also, some videos and photographs from the opening night. For  images of individual paintings, find ‘New Art Work’ in the menu bar. For Press Release, newspaper articles, find ‘Press ‘ in the menu bar. To read about previous exhibitions find ‘Biography’

Galician exhibition culture, artist statement, fundacion araguaney
Galician exhibition: Artist statement/declaracion del artista

Videos below, press play arrow in the middle, then arrows to the side to see next video and photographs….


The preparation and organisation for a solo exhibition cannot be achieved without the help and support of many people. Firstly, I would like to thank the Fundacion Araguaney for providing this opportunity for me to exhibit and learn so much about the culture and people of Galicia. I could never have imagined the richness of this whole experience and I know I will enjoy many special memories forever. The help Monica and Miguel have given and continue to give me, including visa applications, storing paintings, translations and the marketing of this exhibition, is overwhelming…..thank you.

I also send many thanks to Alicia from Decor & Art, for storing my very large paintings for the last few months. A hire car soon runs out of room with all our luggage and painting equipment too. Much support has come from local businesses in Santiago by displaying my exhibition flyers, for which I am also very grateful. This already has been an extremely successful exhibition for me, receiving many positive responses from the local Galicians, including a few sales already. The general comments seem to confirm that I have indeed captured the important elements of the culture of Galicia. I look forward to hearing more feedback over the next two weeks until September 22 on closing.

Lastly, I could never complete this experience without the love and support of my husband, family and friends…..thank you. It was extra special to share the celebrations with my son and his partner, who stayed with us for a few days from Australia.

For those of you who would like to know more about the Fundacion Araguaney, their website is: Last week the Fundacion coordinated a cinema festival in Pontevedra which was a wonderful success, check their website for details.

Galerie de Fundacion Araguaney Eurostars Hotel, Santiago de Compostela
Exhibition opening, Santiago de Compostela.
Photographer: Eduardo fotografia, with compliments and copyright
galicia landscape paintings exhibition Leonie Walton, Santiago de Compostela
Photographer: Eduardo fotografia, with compliments & copyright
Galicia farm landscape paintings, exhibition Leonie Walton, Santiago de Compostela
Farm scenes. Photographer: Eduardo fotografia, with compliments and copyright
faros lighthouse paintings galicia, costa de morte, exhibition Santiago de Compostela
Faros series. Photographer: Eduardo fotografia with compliments and copyright
Fishing boat crab pot mussel farm Galicia paintings exhibition in Santiago de Compostela Fundacion Araguaney
Fishing series. Photographer: Eduardo fotografia with compliments and copyright
pimientos gallo ceramica wine vino paintings Galicia, exhibition Santiago de Compostela
Still life series. Photographer: Eduardo fotografia with compliments and copyright
costa de morte beach seascapes wild flowers may paintings Galicia, exhibition Santiago de Compostela
Coastal scenes Galicia. Photographer: Eduardo fotografia with compliments and copyright
Exhibition opening Leonie Walton Santiago de compostela, galerie fundacion araguaney Galicia
After opening celebration. Photographer: Eduardo fotografia with compliments and copyright

GALICIAN ARTIST: LAXEIRO (Jose Otero Abeledo) 1908-1996

Born in Lalin, Galicia, Laxeiro emigrated with his mother and brother to join his father in Cuba in 1921. After returning to Lalin in 1925, he worked as a barber while continuing his drawing and dedication to nature. His return to Galicia coincided with the beginning of the Renovating art movement, which included artists such as: Souto, Torres, Maside and Seoane. The ‘Renovators’ were characterised by a return to figuration with an approach to Modernity, using simple structured forms. In relation to the nationalist sentiment, they were expressing their visions and solutions for Galician society.

laxeiro galician artist experimental painting cuadro Santiago de compostela
From Laxeiro’s experimental works, private collection Alcaldo Vorela family, image from

A series of paintings by Laxeiro depicting myths and legends of Galicia, consisted of volumetric forms using expressionistic brushstrokes with the aesthetics of Romanesque sculpture. These forms were heavily influenced by the classical period of Picasso during the first World War. The above painting is from one of his most experimental stages and was included in the exhibition of 2008 at the Museo do Pobo Galego in Santiago de Compostela.

Laxeiro galician artist
Galician artist: Laxeiro using expressionistic brushstrokes in a portrait, found in google images
Galician artist Laxeiro
Galician artist Laxeiro portrait of a woman

In the 1940’s Laxeiro featured characters moving between reality and fiction, relating to the world of mythology. They generally represented a joy to life and living…………leading to colourful narrative compositions.

Galician artist Laxeiro
My favourite Laxeiro painting


If you want to see more of Laxeiro and other Galician artists, these are two very good museums/galleries located in Santiago de Compostela.

1. Galeria de Arte Jose Lorenzo: Praza do Toural, 9 Santiago de Compostela.

This is a lovely large gallery with a comprehensive range of Laxeiro’s paintings and drawings, including publications.

2. Museo do Pobo Galego:  San Domingos de Bonaval, s/n Santiago de Compostela.

This museum is housed in a beautiful 13th century convent, displaying letters, a library and contemporary exhibitions. This week contemporary dance performances and workshops were available.


  1. Congratulations Leonie! Your paintings look fabulous and it seems like the exhibition has been well attended. Best wishes for continuing success from Craig and Anne.

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