SIERRA NEVADA: Hiking the Alpujarras GR7 Route, Spain

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The minute I read about the Alpujarras, I knew that we just had to go and walk through some of the Moorish white washed villages of the Sierra Nevada, Spain. We were in luck………we soon discovered there is a pilgrimage, the GR7, which passes through this section and read that it is highly likely you will not see anyone but the local farmers on the route. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? After a few weeks researching the track and best villages to see, I purchased the only guide book ever written about the GR7…….easy, no choices. Little did we know….

The only way to begin was by bus (Alsa) from Granada to Valor. Purchasing the correct ticket was challenging enough, hopping on the right bus nearly proved impossible, managing to wave down the driver just as he was reversing out of the terminal. We must have been speaking Latvian as none of the other drivers seemed to have even heard of Valor. Laughing, we climbed aboard the only bus service to that village until tomorrow. Still not convinced we were heading for Valor, we finally managed to relax when the enormous mountains of the Sierra Nevada rose up in the distance. Enjoying the shapes and colours of the rugged landscape as we wound around the narrow roads in a giant bus, the three hour trip seemed like minutes. The best bus journey I have ever taken anywhere. Arriving just before dark, we explored the roads we had to find to start our walk in the morning.

alpujarras sierra nevada GR7 hiking walking trek pilgrimage valor moorish village Spain
Gr7 route through olive and almond groves

It doesn’t matter how much you plan in life, it is rare that your plans do not change or they are changed for you. Because temperatures were expected to be warm for the next few days, we set off early. We followed the detailed descriptions in our guide book and painted markings when we found them, but at the important junctions of the numerous paths through the Sierra Nevada, there were no markers/arrows or instructions in the book. After spending the first hour climbing up and down very steep slopes and already retracing our steps three times, stress levels rising we resorted to Google maps. Knowing we had 25 km to walk today with the hot sun already overhead, we navigated straight up towards the road. We were shocked to discover we had walked the equivalent of 200 m down the road from Valor, you’re kidding! To hell with the GR7 ‘marked’ trail and guidebook, we were following the road all the way now. Big smiles again, we relaxed and enjoyed the view along a beautifully smooth road with only the occasional car.

alpujarras sierra nevada GR7 hiking walking valor photo landscape spain
Alpujarras in the Sierra Nevada, spectacular vistas

Due to the road already being at a fairly high altitude, we could enjoy expansive views of the mountain ranges. I have hiked in New Zealand and the Camino de Santiago which also have spectacular scenery, but never have I seen such extensive vistas as the Sierra Nevada. Along the road we passed an empty tourist office, where I ceremoniously dumped the GR7 guidebook……….seems quite fitting don’t you think?

tourist information centre alpujarras sierra nevada Spain
A very useful tourist information centre

After a challenging start, about four hours later our destination village for the day came into view. The village of Berchules, a stunning cascade of white densely built houses down a steep mountain.

Alpujarras sierra nevada GR7 Berchules moorish white villages Spain photo landscape art travel
Berchules came into view

Unfortunately, that village was just a teaser. As the road led us around the next corner we saw Berchules rising high above us. Ouch, another hour later we stumbled slowly up the steep windy layered village to our hotel. We must have looked a sight because the owner upgraded us to a 2 bedroom apartment overlooking the mountains. The Spanish just know how to be generous at the most needed moments. A few minutes later we were downing a couple of ice cold cervezas followed by tempura vegetables. We had read before we came that the Alpujarras are the home of Jamon and that if you are a vegetarian you will starve. Well, in life you can be continuously surprised. We had the best vegetarian meals throughout the Alpujarras, than we had for the last 5 months in Spain.


Knowing we had further to walk today, we decided to postpone our morning yoga routine to the afternoon so that we could leave at dawn. The good part about the villages being perched up high on the slopes is that when you leave you are walking  down hill, for awhile at least. As we passed through our first village for the day, we were able to admire the sunrise over the ranges, warming the fresh morning air.

sunrise over alpujarras sierra nevada berchules spain landscape photo art travel
Sunrise, worth the early start
Sierra Nevada alpujarras GR7 spain hiking walking sunrise mountains landscape photo art travel
Sierra Nevada, how could you not love this
alpujarras sierra nevada gr7 walking hiking berchules sunrise landscape photo art travel
Beautiful light and shadows during early morning
alpujarras sierra nevada Gr7 walking hiking spain landscape mountains photo art travel
My favourite view while still enjoying the early morning shade

Around the villages we loved watching the elderly local villagers enjoying their morning stroll, all carrying a stick to help them navigate the tricky steep paths. On our way out of the first village today, a man about 80 years of age spoke a little English, combined with our little Spanish we managed a conversation. He walked with us for a few kilometers along the road then suddenly said ‘Adios’ and disappeared up a steep dirt road, appearing to be going nowhere.

alpujarras sierra nevada gr7 hiking walking spain moorish villages photo landscape art travel
Beautiful dry grass looking soft in the early light

A few minutes later we saw the most incredible sight…..the elderly man with the stick was running up the dirt road with no stick and his shirt off. Inspired by this, our pace suddenly quickened. We were also beginning to feel very hungry as we approached the next village of Juviles, our breakfast stop. After a satisfying tostada and hot chocolate we set off down the road again, the sun giving some nice warmth now. Many more pretty vistas along the way, with no more villages until Trevelez.

alpujarras sierra nevada gr7 walking hiking juviles white moorish village spain photo art travel
Looking back at Juviles bathing in the warm sunlight
alpujarras ancient olive groves sierra nevada trevelez gr7 hiking walking spain photo art travel
Ancient olive groves of the Alpujarras
alpujarras sierra nevada gr7 walking hiking spain moorish villages juviles trevelez landscape photo art travel
Walking the road from Juviles to Trevelez

After a few more hours walking, the village of Trevelez popped into view. Sometimes places can look very close and you begin to think about what you may order for lunch, only to be dismayed when you wind around the next corner of the mountain and see that the gorge takes you another 5 kilometers before you can cross the bridge to the village.

alpujarras sierra nevada gr7 walking hiking spain trevelez photo art travel
Trevelez comes into sight
alpujarras sierra nevada gr7 walking hiking trevelez Spain moorish village photo art travel
We can almost reach out and touch the village of Trevelez

With a storm brewing above we give it all we’ve got to try and beat it, there is absolutely no shelter along the road. It was a good excuse to walk into the first restaurant, once across the bridge. After some delicious trout and cold beer we are very relaxed until we see the incline we have to climb up to our hotel………the very top of the village. The pain was worth it when we eventually found it, a view to die for.¬† We were looking back at Mulhacen’s peak, being the highest in Spain at nearly 3500 m.

alpujarras sierra nevada mulhacen gr7 highest peak spain trevelez moorish village hiking walking gr7 photo mountains art travel
Magnificent view of the highest peak of Mulhacen in Spain


We were to climb higher than Trevelez to reach Pitres today, but after such a wonderful day yesterday, we eagerly attacked the gradual slope of the road out of Trevelez. The early morning fresh air and stillness before others awake, is when we felt most energised.

sunrise alpujarras sierra nevada gr7 walking hiking spain photo art travel
First sunlight emerging over mountains around Trevelez

Not long after the village was out of sight, we spotted a black mulberry tree with very ripe berries which we had to ignore due to the slippery climb down to reach them. Not far along the road there was another tree, which just happened to be hanging down within easy reach. After the first taste sensation there was no stopping us. They were the most delicious berries we had ever tasted. Soon there was so much juice running down our hands and arms one would think there had been a mass murder in the Alpujarras.

roman bridge alpujarras sierra nevada Busquitar gr7 walking hiking photo art travel
Roman bridge before Busquitar
Busquitar alpujarras sierra nevada gr7 walking hiking spain photo art travel
Walking towards village of Busquitar for breakfast
Busquitar alpujarras sierra nevada spain gr7 walking hiking landscape photo art travel
Favourite view for the day as we approach Busquitar

We were walking at an altitude between 1500 and 1800 m today with no great slopes to contend with, crossing the occasional Roman bridge, now thinking strongly about breakfast in the village of Busquitar. When we arrived the only cafe/bar in sight was closed…….disappointment was setting in as it is a tiny village.

Busquitar village alpujarras sierra nevada gr7 walking hiking photo art travel
Looking over the village of Busquitar

After asking an old lady where we could eat, she promptly led us down a steep windy road to the bottom of the village and finally pointed to a house with a closed front door with a tiny sign ‘bar’. As we walked in, we were amazed at the size of the bar, full with locals and a pretty outdoor deck overlooking the mountains. Well, the tostadas were the best we tried anywhere in Spain. Too huge baguettes dripping with butter and home made strawberry jam. So good we ordered another two with our hot chocolate…… bill 5 euro, ridiculously cheap. We were on the road again, stomachs full with only 12 km to reach Pitres, a very easy day. Here are some photos of the stunning scenery during our walk today.

Busquitar moorish village alpujarras sierra nevada gr7 hiking walking spain photo art travel
Village of Busquitar behind us now
paddock pasture sierra nevada alpujarras gr7 walking hiking spain photo landscape art travel
A rare flat paddock on the Sierra Nevada
horse caballo alpujarras sierra nevada spain gr7 hiking walking photo art travel
Very muscly horse, strength essential for this terrain
mountains portugos alpujarras sierra nevada spain gr7 walking hiking landscape photo art travel
Spectacular weather just one lonely cloud

We soon were approaching the next village of Portugos, which was one of the prettiest in the Alpujarras. Most of the villages only have between 300 and 500 people, with a mostly aging population.

moorish village Portugos alpujarras sierra nevada spain gr7 walking hiking photo art travel
Typical white washed buildings of the Moorish villages, Alpujarras
farming vehicle Portugos alpujarras sierra nevada spain gr7 walking hiking photo art travel
Farming vehicles have right of way
Portugos alpujarras sierra nevada spain gr7 walking hiking photo art travel
My hiking buddy posing for a pic in Portugos

Another spectacular walk through the Alpujarras today, mostly under the shade of many oak and chestnut trees. We were early arriving at Pitres, so decided to relax in a restaurant and absorb the surrounding mountainscape over a jug of Sangria.

Pitres alpujarras moorish village sierra nevada spain gr7 walking hiking photo landscape art travel
Views as we walk into our destination village of Pitres
Pitres sierra nevada alpujarras spain gr7 walking hiking photo landscape art travel
Contrasting colours of the Sierra Nevada

After enough beer and sangria to blur our vision, we crept along to our Faulty Towers hotel, where guests were a complete inconvenience to the owners. ‘Basil’ handed us our room key without a word, while his son ‘Manuel’ looked at us with disgust when we dared to ask for the WIFI code. We had many laughs about that one. Aside from their overstated welcome, it was a lovely hotel in a very cute village.

Pitres alpujarras sierra nevada gr7 walking hiking photo art travel spain
View over the roof tops of the village of Pitres


Our final day of walking through the Alpujarras, we decided to be adventurous and follow Google Maps ‘off-road’. We were almost regretting that decision after the first hour of steep climbing, creeping around the outside of houses looking for the next bit of track. Luckily, the fabulous views made the effort worthwhile.

Pitres alpujarras sierra nevada spain gr7 walking hiking landscape views photo art travel
Climbing quickly above Pitres
alpujarras view sierra nevada spain gr7 hiking walking photo art travel
Favourite tree of the day climbing the Alpujarras

After an hour of steep climbing from 1500 to 2000 m altitude, we were nearly at the top and thankful to take it a bit easier. We stopped to admire some more of the views, secretly we were wanting to catch our breath but neither of us wanted to admit that……pathetic really.

alpujarras sierra nevada spain gr7 hiking walking mountains photo views art travel
Nearly at the top
alpujarras mountains sierra nevada spain gr7 hiking walking photo art travel
At the top of our climb, the Sierra Nevada at its finest

After enjoying such magnificent views, it was time to follow Google maps into the forest to cross the mountain into the pass towards the village of Capileira, in the Alpujarras. We walked along some scrubby tracks and happened to glance sideways into the bush and saw some kind of marker. After a closer inspection we couldn’t stop laughing, we had found one of the elusive GR7 signs, quite elaborate, even including an arrow for direction. This was very useful, especially being almost totally concealed in the bushes, placed well off the track.

gr7 marker alpujarras sierra nevada spain hiking walking photo art travel
GR7 marker hiding from all those dangerous hikers

No ambiguity about which direction to take, we proceeded to walk through some lovely pine forests where the shade was welcoming. We were surprised some of the trees had a stunning crimson coloured bark, also the occasional flowering chestnut tree………check out the hairy balls on this one!

chestnut trees alpujarras sierra nevada gr7 walking hiking spain photo art travel
Flowering chestnut tree
pine trees alpujarras sierra nevada spain gr7 walking hiking photo art travel
Crimson bark on the pine trees
Capileira alpujarras sierra nevada spain gr7 walking hiking photo track path art travel
The downhill trail to Capileira
pine trees plantations alpujarras sierra nevada spain gr7 hiking walking path photo landscape art travel
Pine tree plantations in the Alpujarras, Sierra Nevada, Spain

We finally walked over the pass between the towering rocky outcrops to see the villages ahead. In this final region we were visiting, there are three Moorish villages close together; Capileira at the highest settlement point, Bubion 2 km below and Pampaneira at the bottom. Even though the walk over the last four days had been spectacular, we were happy to see the familiar splash of white dwellings all hugged in together. My pack horse ahead of me was starting to slow as much as I was, it was time to put our feet up for awhile.

walking trail gr7 hiking Capileira Bubion Pampaneira alpujarras sierra nevada spain photo art travel
My pack horse
 Bubion Capileira Pampaneira alpujarras sierra nevada gr7 walking hiking mountains photo art travel
View over the village of Bubion
Bubion capileira pampaneira moorish villages gr7 alpujarras sierra nevada walking hiking views photo landscape mountains art travel
View through the valleys from the pass from Pitres to Capileira