Illustrations for Children’s Books, using watercolours, crayons & pastels

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New illustrations for children’s books. The first children’s book in this series is complete. A mythological adventure-thriller, middle grade novel, set in Galicia, Spain. A farm girl, Lucia, is the main character for this adventure and she will be the centre of all the upcoming books in the series.

My illustration process has begun. Here are a few samples of what is to come….

Meet Lucia
Who does Lucia meet?
Iberian frog
Mythological beast or beauty?
Iberian lynx

After completing courses with amazing Spanish illustrators such as: Adolfo Serra, Ricardo Suarez and Jilipollo, who create illustrations for children’s books and comics. I have great admiration for their art and skills. I am enjoying creating characters from my imagination that look realistic; suitable illustrations for older children’s books that 6-12 year olds can relate to.

Learning the writing process has been the most enjoyable experience of my life. Participating in the recent Festival of Writing in London has been a winner in bringing creativity into my storytelling. My favourite author is Tim Winton (Australian) for his delicious descriptions of nature.

The aim of my children’s books is to enhance children’s connection with nature, while allowing a cultural sharing among children around the world.

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